MISSION:Our mission is to work for the success of refugees to undergo a smooth transitional process, and attain self-sustainable status in their new country.

VISION: We believe a change: Our vision is to help and to provide services of superior quality and value that improve the lives

RECENT PROGRAMS: The Somali Community Services it been sarving the community since 1995, to advocate improving the life quality for refugees and immigrants by bringing community members together and strengthen the ties. I can’t imagine what it’s like to be refugee and everyone should help one another. Somali Community Services is operates many different programs such as elderly, afterschool tutoring for youth, ESL classes, citizenship classes and case management, young men’s basketball, soccer teams and covid-19 education awareness.

Our Member: A group of Somalis who resettled in the US in 1990’s came together in the year 1995 and started helping newly arrived refugees from Africa in culturally and language competent manner. Their aim was to provide the help and the support that they wish they had when they first came to the US. The organization was established under the name, Somali Immigrant Support Society in the year 1995, and was incorporated into non profit organization under IRS code 501©3 on September 18, 1996. Community members, government and non government agencies supported in the process of incorporation. On August 4, 1997, the name of the organization was changed to Somali Community Services of Seattle.

Our Values: Social Equity: Our work with clients, funders and partners is in service of a fair, just and healthy society.

Multiculturalism: Our practice is shaped and strengthened by the perspectives and experiences of diverse communities.

Integrity: Our work is grounded toward impact to which we hold ourselves and our partners accountable.

Relevance: We develop and deliver experiences, content, and outcomes that are relevant and accessible to our clients.

Humor: We believe humor is healthy and creates connections that forward the work.

Learning: We bring both rigor and curiosity to all of our work.

Holistic: We take a broad approach to the issues presented, understanding and addressing how they might radiate throughout the organization.

The organizational set-up consists of a Board of Directors, Executive Director and supporting staff.

Social Services
Referral service & outreach
Training programs
Translation and interpretation
Job search & employment referral<strong
Family & Youth Programs  and youth & Sports
After school program
Parent education
Housing assistance to homeless families
Cultural & behavioral orientation
Counseling and case management
Senior Program (Education & Nutrition)
Drug and tobacco prevention program
Know your right about Immigration
Public Relations
Community Safety awareness

Office hours

Monday- Friday 9:AM-4:PM
Location 8810 Renton Ave South
Seattle WA 98118
Tel: 206 760-1181
Cell:206 422-7074

Email somcss@yahoo.com

Thank you for making a difference in the lives of those who needs!