The Somali Community Services of Seattle (SCCS) was established under the name Somali Immigrant Support Society in the year 1995. It was incorporated into a nonprofit organization under IRS code 501©3 on September 18, 1995.

MISSION: Our mission is to work toward the success of refugees to and immigrant undergo a smooth transitional process and attain self sustainable status in their new country.

Our members: A group of Somalis who resettled in the US in 1990's came together in the year 1995 and started helping newly arrived refugees from Africa in culturally and language competent manner.
Their aim was to provide the help and the support that they wish they had when they first came to the US

Office hours: Monday- Friday 9:AM-4:PM

Location: 8810 Renton Ave South Seattle WA 98118

Tel: 206 760-118 or Cell:206 422-7074

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