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Our Distinction

In 2008, Somali Community Services of Seattle received the most prestigious Human Rights  Award for exceptional social welfare accomplishments, from:


The Seattle Office of Civil Rights


Seattle Human Rights Commission


United Nations Association

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Our Activity

Our mission is to strive for the success of the refugees to undergo a smooth transitional process and attain a self-sustainable status in their new country.


Our Youth program facilitates

Case Management and Referrals

We offer diverse services including:


Our Senior program has the following benefits

Our Vision

Our vision is to improve lives by providing services of superior quality and value.

Our Values

We value social equity. Our work with clients, funders and partners is in service of a fair, just and healthy society.


Our practice is shaped and strengthened by the perspectives and experiences of diverse communities.


We develop and deliver experiences, content, and outcomes that are relevant and accessible to out clients.


Our work is grounded toward impact to which we hold ourselves and our partners accountable.


We believe humor is healthy and creates connections that forward the work.


We bring both rigor and curiosity to all of our work.


We take a broad approach to the issues presented, understanding and addressing how they might radiate throughout the community.

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We have accomplished hundreds of projects and nurtured thousands of families. Our vision is to enrich the lives of the Somali and Oromos community in Seattle.

Our Team Success

Ensuring Excellence

The most honorable volunteers of our organization who have dedicated their lives to the cause. We admire them for their paramount role in SOMCSS.


CEO & Founder

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Shamso Yusuf

Immigration Case Manager

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Safia Mohamed

Worker Right Caseworker

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Abaoyo Noor

Housing Caseworker