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SOMCSS primarily focuses on supporting youth in becoming the strong pillars of our community. We provide counseling and guidance services to help them thrive in their lives and promote the community. Our Youth program has several benefits ranging from after-school coaching to extra-curricular activities like sports events and summer programs.

After-school Tutoring

Our after-school coaching program improves academic performance. It is Bilingual and Bicultural tutoring for Somali-speaking children.

Unschooled Children

Numerous Somali children did not get any schooling opportunities before immigrating to the US. Their education is of utmost importance. We help them to achieve.

Youth Sports Team

We train the youth of our community to participate in sports competitions. Sports and Games are essential for mental and physical wellness. It also inculcates moral values in players.

Kids Summer Activities

During summer break, kids come to the Center 04 days a week for activities and field trips. The educational trips help the children build their concepts, and the activity events train them with skills:

Youth Event Planning

Our youth manage the event planning committee, which organizes cultural, celebration, and sports events. The authority with responsibility prepares them for their future careers.


Ethnic Identity Reinforcement

It is vital to stay connected with our roots. We host frequent, dedicated sessions for our youth to strengthen their cultural identity and ethnic individuality.

Our Programs

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Youth Program

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