Our mission is to strive for the success of the refugees to undergo a smooth transitional process and attain a self-sustainable status in their new country.

Case Management & Referrals

SOMCSS offers multiple general programs and referral services. It incorporates essential assistance programs to support immigrants and refugees to settle in their new country. An overlook of services:

Open Computer Lab

Legal Consultation

Food & Medication


Vocational Training

Educational Referrals

Community Awareness & Safety

Case Management & Referrals
cooking food
learning center
technology matching fund

Employment Assistance & Outreach

Families and individuals living in our community are a single entity. We help our people with various employment matters and outreach to our society members individually to support them. Activities in this program:

Community Outreach

English Interpretability

Job Readiness Training

Computer Skills


Rights at Work Training

Skills Improvement Workshops

Youth Program

SOMCSS primarily focuses on supporting youth in becoming the strong pillars of our community. We provide counseling and guidance services to help them thrive in their lives and promote the community. We help them in adopting an active lifestyle.

Bilingual staff well-versed in Somali and English

Culturally appropriate study environment

Parents are encouraged to participate in the programs

Significant improvement in academic performance


Building students' confidence


Strengthening ethnic identity

CEO of somali community services of seattle giving gift

Social Participation

Mental Well-being


Activities & Engagement

Citizenship Class

Weekly Food

Senior Program

The senior program of SOMCSS is for Somali and Oromos elders of age 55 and older. The services include support in passing the citizenship test, weekly meals, and activities. Significant benefits are:

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We have accomplished hundreds of projects and nurtured thousands of families. Our vision is to enrich the lives of the Somali and Oromos community in Seattle.