Our programs exist to support the refugees, immigrants, and low-income families of our community.  Please check back frequently for updates and changes to our available programs and services.

Programs at Seattle Community Services of Seattle

Seattle Community Services of Seattle is excited to offer many programs and referral services to our community.  Our programming includes essential assistance programs to help refugees and immigrants navigate a smooth transition to life in the United States, as well as many support services for the individuals and families of our community.  Come visit us for personalized one-on-one service, to get the help you need to achieve your goals.

Senior Nutrition & Medicare Enrollment

Join us for our senior lunch every other Wednesday, where we also have specialists to assist with Medicare enrollment

Case Management & Referrals

We offer case management for immigration, healthcare enrollment, and more.
We offer referrals to mental health and drug related rehabilitation, a doctor for a citizenship evaluation document, worker rights and tenant rights specialists to assist with problems at work and with housing, and more.

Housing Assistance & Advocacy

Let us help with: understanding your rights as a tenant, resolving issues with your landlord, applying for housing assistance, and advocating for you.
(Funding for rent assistance is no longer available for the 2022 year. Please join our waitlist or check back in 2023.)

Legal Consultation

We currently offer legal support for attaining citizenship and clearing drug related convictions.

Computer Lab

The next round of digital literacy classes begins on November 28, 2022 and will be held Mondays and Tuesdays, 2-4pm


Vocational Training

Currently, we offer support service for job searching, filling out applications, completing a resume, and more. Call or stop by to register for our computer literacy class to gain computer skills.

Educational Referrals

We are proud to serve the schools and families of our community. If you need support for your students, help connecting with the school, or translation or mediation assistance, please let us know!

Community Awareness & Safety

Our previous programs included partnership with the Seattle Police Department for both youth leadership programs and for the community adults to work together to promote safety in our community. Look forward to new safety-focused programs in 2023!

COMING SOON! Tax Assistance

In 2023: Tax Credit Information Meetings (dates to be posted soon), assistance filing personal tax returns, information about tax credits--including the new Washington State Working Families Tax Credit (WFTC)--and assistance applying for the new WFTC. Get up to a $1200 additional tax credit for your family!

COMING SOON! Democracy Voucher Assistance

Did you know that if you live in the City of Seattle, you can receive $100 of vouchers to be used to support the local political candidates of your choice? We can help you apply for vouchers, get them in your language of choice, and learn how to use them. Support candidates that represent you and your interests.

Case Management & Referrals
cooking food
Case Management & Referrals
cooking food
learning center
technology matching fund

Employment Assistance

Our community is made up of families and individuals working hard to learn new skills, keep stable jobs, and create a life they can enjoy.  We understand that sometimes there are problems at work, and how many have lost their jobs throughout the COVID-19 pandemic.  Let us help you resolve problems, learn about your rights, find the work you are looking for, handle issues at work successfully, and gain the skills you need to succeed.  Visit us for in person for assistance tailored to you and your specific needs and goals.

English Interpretation

Computer Skills


Rights at Work Training

Skills Improvement Workshops

Unemployment Application Assistance

Job Readiness Training & Workshops

Youth Program

Somali Community Services of Seattle focuses on supporting youth in becoming the strong pillars of our community. We provide tutoring, cultural activities, sports opportunities, community involvement opportunities, counseling and guidance services, and a safe place for our youth to gather and spend time together having fun.  Our goal is to help our youth thrive in their lives, have a place where they belong, and grow into healthy, active, successful, and involved adult members of our community.

Fun socializing for youth to relax and de-stress

Soccer & cultural dancing

Promote family and community values

Improvement in academic performance

Build students' confidence

Strengthen ethnic identity

Culturally appropriate study environment

Parents are encouraged to participate in the programs

CEO of somali community services of seattle giving gift

Weekly Luncheon

Social Participation

Mental Well-being

Activities & Engagement

Citizenship Class

Senior Program

The senior program at Somali Community Services is for Somali and Oromos elders of age 55 and older. 

Services include:

  • Senior luncheon every other week
  • Support in passing the citizenship test
  • Exercise activities
  • Workshops for different skills and resources, and a chance to discuss the issues our elders are facing.


We strive to support our valued senior members of the community, provide a place to gather and socialize, and show our appreciation by sharing a meal together.

Join Us!

Become A Volunteer

Join us in our work!  We have accomplished hundreds of projects and nurtured thousands of families, largely with the support of volunteers from our community. Our vision is to enrich the lives of the Somali and Oromos community in Seattle.  

We welcome you to bring your unique skills and experiences to Somali Community Services of Seattle – we can always use volunteers!  Some things we frequently need volunteer help with are:

  • Translation
  • Event support positions
  • Assistants daily operations
  • ESL teaching assistants
  • Citizenship class teaching assistants
  • Youth program assistants
  • Or propose a volunteer position that utilizes your unique strengths!