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SOMCSS provides two different services for the elderly. One is the weekly nutrition gathering, while the other is helping with passing the citizenship test.

We have been serving the community compassionately since 1990. SOMCSS received the most prestigious Human Rights Award for exceptional social welfare accomplishments by the United Nations Association.

SOMCSS is dedicated to improving the quality of community life of Somali and Oromos origin in King County, Seattle.

SOMCSS has various benefits for Youth. They are the future of our community, and our services range from academic performance to event organization and leadership skills.

SOMCSS is most proud of its Open Computer Lab, equipped with the latest systems and software. The primary significance of our Open Computer Lab is that it is free of charge for anyone to utilize for their work or studies.

SOMCSS is a non-profit charitable organization devoted to the betterment of the Somali and Oromos community in Seattle.

Our mission is to strive for the success of the refugees to undergo a smooth transitional process and attain a self-sustainable status in their new country.

Our vision is to enrich the lives of the Somali and Oromos community in Seattle. We help immigrants and refugees settle in our society.

certificate distribution ceremony at somali community services of seattle
Dance ceremony at somali community services of seattle
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