Employment Assistance & Outreach

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Employment Assistance & Outreach

Families and individuals living in our community are like a unit. We help our people in need by improving their work skills. We assist them in various employment matters and individually reach out to our society members to support them. Services include employment training, rights at work, and computer skills. It is a holistic program that also helps mentally or physically challenged people find a suitable job to cater to their financial needs.

Employment Assistance & Outreach

Employment Search & Referral

SOMCSS aids in job search assistance and employment referral. We help the people of our community find work to support their families and become a productive part of the community. We prepare them for interviews, assist them in applying for jobs, and even refer qualified individuals. Furthermore, we help with running small-scale businesses.


Job Retention

We offer an employment retention program. The services in this program are understanding your legal and civil rights at work. We conduct training workshops to improve the skills required at work and provide legal consultation towards their employment rights.

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Our Programs

Computer Training

SOMCSS provides job readiness training concerning computer skills. We have an entire well-equipped computer lab to host workshops and training sessions to enable people to acquire basic computer knowledge and advanced computer training by learning several tools.

Community Events

Society affairs are an integral part of our community. We organize many community fairs and activities. These events range from awareness sessions and educational & training workshops to community events like sports league, holidays, and national days.


Welcoming Refugees

Our community welcomes new refugees and settlers with an open heart. We greet them into our society to make them feel safe and welcome. We conduct door-to-door outreach campaigns to make acquaintances with new arrivals and support them with our community resources.

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We have accomplished hundreds of projects and nurtured thousands of families. Our vision is to enrich the lives of the Somali and Oromos community in Seattle.