Case Management & Referrals

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Case Management & Referrals

SOMCSS offers multiple general programs and referral services. It incorporates essential assistance programs to support immigrants and refugees to settle in their new country. Our experienced bilingual instructors conduct Citizenship classes to train the immigrants and refugees to prepare for the Naturalization test. We carry out mock-up interviews and discussion sessions to boost language confidence. The housing assistance program helps immigrants and refugees obtain a shelter.

Housing Assistance

We offer residence services, including housing advocacy and referrals to homeless families. Our team supports individuals and families by providing vocational education and connecting immigrants with community resource programs to promote stability.

Prepare necessary documents

Fill out housing applications

Prepare reports


Search housing, utilities, & negotiations with landlords

Assess residence safety

Assist households with income maximization

Case Management & Referrals
cooking food
learning center
technology matching fund

Immigration & English Understanding

Our immigration services assist immigrants and refugees throughout the process, coaching and helping with passing the USCIS citizenship test. The program also includes citizenship classes to help guide the naturalization procedure harmoniously.

ESL & Citizenship Classes

Immigration Assistance

Eligibility for Immigration Benefits

Legal Permanent Residency (I-485) and Naturalization (N-400)


Preparation of New Naturalization Test: Reading, Writing, and Civics

100 Q/As in Various Languages

Thorough Preparation with Flashcards

Documents Assistance:

We offer service for elders and individuals with limited English skills to fill out forms and make phone calls. We also assist in completing the required papers for the immigration test. Furthermore, we help them in obtaining various legal records and immigration documents.

Consular Processing


Family Petition (I-130)

Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA Renewals)

Travel Documents (I-131)


Employment Authorization (I-765)

Fee Waivers (I-90, I-102, I-912)

Obtaining Immigration Archive Records and Court/Police Records

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Our Programs

Open Computer Lab

The most prominent program of SOMCSS is Open Computer Lab. We offer computer resources free of charge to the people of our community during working hours. The lab is equipped with the latest hardware and software to assist students of every grade, employees, workers, and those who cannot afford a personal computer system. The lab resources enable them to complete their assignments and tasks hassle-free.

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