Improving Mental Health

Improving the Mental Health of Refugees and Community Members

People usually feel uneasy when discussing mental health. Mental illness is generally considered taboo and individuals suffering from mental disorders feel embarrassed talking about it. This stigma has grown to the extent that it prevents people from seeking aid, which might recover their mental health and, ultimately, routine life.

Mental well-being is as important as physical health. Anyone, irrespective of their background, race, or status, can face mental issues like depression, anxiety, or stress. It is not a disease as much as an issue in a sense, which can be resolved with help from professionals.

Glenn Close addresses the human being’s wellness of mind as:

“What mental health needs is more sunlight, more candor, and more unashamed conversation.”

Individuals with sound mental health can think more logically and more passionately. They can make appropriate decisions and act reasonably. A healthy mind keeps away negative and distressing thoughts which enables a person to think correctly, take action by leaving their comfort zones, and help better the community.

Our psychological professionals help the refugees of our community recover from trauma and any prevailing mental health issues. The outreach program also searches for individuals needing our services who cannot come forward due to the fear of social disgrace.

We have assisted several people with mental health issues to completely recover and become an active part of society, contributing their efforts for the betterment of the community.

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